3S Surface detection system

3D surfacedetection system capable of detecting dents as shallow as 0.1 mm on the surface of doors.
3D Scanning technology
Artificial intelligence
Optronical system
Svedex is a manufacturer and supplier of interior doors. After the pressing process, the doors undergo various additional steps and are ultimately finished with lacquer. After the lacquering process, in some cases, dents become visible that originated during the pressing stage and were not initially visible to the human eye. These dents are often the result of contamination in the press, leading to repetitive dents in a series of doors.

With the implementation of a new buffering system, which allows for more doors to be buffered after pressing, there arose a need to detect pressing defects at an early stage. Therefore, SINGA has developed a 3D surface scan system capable of detecting dents as shallow as 0.1 mm on the surface of doors immediately after pressing. By using projected LED light and two cameras, both surfaces of the door are measured simultaneously. Deviations are recorded and displayed to operators at the press or remotely to quality department personnel through a web-based interface. With this early detection of pressing defects, contamination in the press can be quickly identified and addressed, preventing the addition of value to a large number of damaged semi-finished products.
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