State-of-the-art, groundbreaking central web-based management platform.
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Hatching machines are part of an innovative industry where food safety, sustainability, and animal welfare have become strategic business factors. To stand out as a hatching machine supplier, a focus on hatching technology support is essential. This involves not only supplying equipment and technology but also providing control and data management software to monitor and guide the hatching process, ensuring optimal quality and traceability. Machine connectivity and the intuitive presentation of information to end-users on various devices (tablet, smartphone) play a significant role.

Pas Reform, a pioneer in innovative total solutions for the hatchery industry, has collaborated with SINGA to develop SmartCenterPro: a state-of-the-art, groundbreaking central web-based management platform. It is a hatchery information system in which all equipment (hatching machines, hatchery automation, and climate control) is interconnected. This connectivity provides valuable data presented as information to the operator, allowing complete oversight and management of the hatchery. The system offers insight into the entire hatching process, with hatching technology knowledge captured in the digital platform. This maximizes efficiency and quality in the hatching process.

At the core of SmartCenterPro is a fully interactive floor plan where the real-time status of all machines is graphically visible. From this main screen, one can navigate to a specific machine to view detailed status information. Moreover, it's possible to operate the machine from this central system. The central system also continuously logs climate data and alarm situations, which can be displayed on the central system in table or graph format.
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