Augmented reality solution using Hololens to assist an operator during the bending process.
3D Scanning technology
Artificial intelligence
Machine learning
The industrial market is increasingly shifting towards 'high mix, low volume,' meaning offering a wide variety of end products in limited quantities. This also applies to products manufactured using press brakes. The operator requires a high degree of flexibility and expertise, and therefore, efforts are being made to find ways to support them in achieving an optimal end result. SafanDarley, a specialist in the development and construction of press brakes and shears, decided to take an innovative step and, in collaboration with SINGA, developed an augmented reality solution to assist the operator.

Using the Hololens, additional information is presented during the bending process. This information pertains to relevant aspects needed during the bending process. For example, the operator can see where the backstop is located, while only the tool is visible to the naked eye. Additionally, other relevant data, such as the position where the tool should be placed or additional work instructions, can be projected. Functions can also be activated by activating virtual control buttons. "Safan Eye" is an innovative tool to achieve better process control. Safan Eye was nominated for the Techni-Show Innovation Awards in 2012 and was awarded the Made in Holland Award.
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