Milking Robot

Improved scanning head of milking robot, resulting  in improved connection performance.
3D Scanning technology
Artificial intelligence
Machine learning
A milk robot, also known as an Automatic Milking System (AMS), is a milking machine in which a cow is fully automatedly milked. The milk robot cleans the udders and attaches the milk cups to the four teats of the udder. Each cow is recognized by the machine. The number of milkings and the yield are recorded. The farmer monitors the performance using a computer system. Because the cow can be milked more times per day, the cow's productivity increases. The performance of a milk robot is therefore measured by the required attachment time and the number of successful connections.

SAC, in collaboration with SINGA, has significantly improved the scanning head of the existing milk robot. The scanning head determines the position of the udders. For example, by transitioning from analog cameras to digital cameras, the attachment performance has greatly improved. The stability and interchangeability of the scanning head in the field have also been significantly enhanced.
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