Unique scanner to collect and analyze data related to the usage and coating quality of baking trays.
3D Scanning technology
Artificial intelligence
Machine learning
In the field of industrial bakery automation, significant effort is dedicated to optimizing the quality of the coating on baking trays and improving the production process. Kaak, a European leader in bakery systems, has revolutionized the game by making baking trays intelligent.

In collaboration with SINGA, Kaak has developed a unique scanner capable of individually tracing a baking tray. This scanner is designed for use in the challenging environment of the industrial bakery, which includes extreme conditions such as contamination, temperature variations, and humidity. The scanner collects and analyzes data related to the usage and coating quality of baking trays. This data is utilized to implement 'condition-based maintenance' for baking tray usage, ensuring recoating occurs at the right moment.

This innovation not only transforms the game for baking trays but also for the entire industrial baking process. Process data can be linked to each baking tray, translating into maximum quality and efficiency. It's the ultimate innovation in line with Kaak's philosophy: "You bake, we care."
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